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This page introduces the members who made this page.
Name is showm as initial.
We show comments introducing them.
T . I
Leading / Making illutrarions / Explaining words
I made illustrations and explained difficult words.
I set a high value on illustration's comprehensibility and difficult word's accuracy.
T . O
Writing sources / Designing pages / Writing articles / Proofreading / Translating
I did my best.
Although making this site was hard, it'll become good experience for me.
In fact,it have became.
I was very glad that I could use my skills.
N . O
Examining / Writing articles / Translating / Proofreading
I learned Internet's risks through writing articles.
And I could rethink about using the Internet.
I was the only woman in this team. So I was uneasy.
But I was glad. Because I could cooperate with other members.
K . S
Examining / Writing articles / Translating
I choose good information from books and Internet.
I found that collecting important information is difficult and interesting.
And it was good experience for me.
S . N
Examining / Writing articles / Translating
I made an effort.
R . M
Creating games / Examining / Writing articles / Translating
I was mainly in charge with game production.
I thought that visitor could not enjoy conventional site.
so,I product games with thinking "visitors also can participate , study and think"