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How to play

How can we start the game ?h

git is very easy. please click the start buttonh

gand then , the game will start. The way to play is also simple.
Please click on the windows of the game after you finish reading the sentenceh

git is very easy , isnft it?h

gwhat are the eOf and eskipf and eVFAf?@h

First ,please clike fOfbutton when you want to read back the sentence.
Then the last sentence will be displayed.h

gand If you want to go back to some sentence ,please adjust by click this buttonh

gI see.h
gnext ,please click eskipfbutton when you want to skip the sentence.
And please click in the window of the game when you want to stop skippingh

gand about eVFAfbutton ,please ignore because this have nothing to do with the gamesh
gum... I understandh

@(About this game)
@(Why is the danger in the Internet increasing?j