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■ Let's study Bitcoin's demerit.

▼About demerits
Bitcoin has not only merits but also a lot of problems.
First, people abuse characteristic of Bitcoin that high anonymity and simplicity of remit abroad, it is said that there is much use for illegal business such as drugs and online gambling.

We feel that there is a merit when we hear anonymity, but it is the best way to business of crime.
Bitcoin adopts P2P system, simply speaking, that is connected with the transmission side and the reception side directly, in short "we hasn't an agent".
For that reason, these problems comes out, for example when Bitcoin is used trade of drugs, it never comes out to others unless it looked at by someone.

▲We can directly business in Bitcoin without through the institution such as banks.

And a fear that used for money laundering of terrorism fund is pointed out, so each country begins to argue in earnest about regulation of Bitcoin.

 (Let's study Bitcoin's merit.)
 (The affairs about Bitcoin.)

What is money laundering
Money laundering. Money (financially) Laundering (washing).
The money which I got by crimes, Letting preventing you from understanding a flow and the source of the money by letting you wander a large number of accounts from place to place.