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How do Bitcoin increase?

After having made a Bitcoin wallet, we can increase Bitcoin by various ways.
(You refer to gAbout management of Bitcoin.h for the making a Bitcoin wallet ! )

First, there is a way to purchase in Bitcoin exchanges.
Any exchanges disappeared once by means of breakup of the Mt.Gox.
(I touch about this affair in the page of gAffairs about Bitcoin.h)
However recently established some new exchanges and we can get Bitcoin by bank transfer or credit card.

We can purchase Bitcoin in exchanges by local currency such as Japanese yen.

Second, there is a way to get Bitcoin in affiliate sites that is common in Japan that we get the points as advertisement charges by look of the advertisement of site visitors.
We can get more sum than g Bitcoin miningh that I explain later.
However it has a limit of number of times for example once in a day, once in one hour, and so on.

Third, speaking of coins, we remember chips of casinos.
We can increase Bitcoin to win the online game that is service of Bitcoin of the popular casino.
This put property of Bitcoin to account, so we can do payments and expenditures quickly.
But the online casino that keep funds for players is ordinarily must get the license in the administration country.
So it is a standard of safety whether that get the license or not.
However the handling in the casino of virtual currency isn't decided clearly, and there are few places that has already been finished to get the license.

Finally , there is a way to get Bitcoin by "Mining".
Everyone can do it as long as have a computer that is connected to the Internet.
(It is explained mining in detail the page of gWho issue Bitcoin?h)

Sometimes, appear the story about if you do it this way, Bitcoin is gained.
However we should may be careful because it may be information whose reliability is low.

@(About management of Bitcoin.)
@(Let's study Bitcoin's merit.)

What is affiliate sites
As for the standard including the case that posts the advertisement of the company on one's homepage and blog to own,
and the advertisement is clicked,
and led to the purchase of the product triggered by an advertisement, various, but,
The system which gets value for a consideration from the company.