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■ The affairs about Bitcoin.

February 28 2014, Mt.Gox that is the best exchange at the amount of Bitcoin was bankrupted.
Because about 650'000 BTC went missing

So, cyber crime measures department from the Metropolitan Police Department analyzed dealing record of Bitcoin that was presented by Mt.Gox.
As a result it found high likelihood on January 2015 that 90% over Bitcoin that went missing was not illegal access but wrong investigation the system within the company.
Mt.Gox has claimed Bitcoin went missing by illegal access until now, but fell under suspicion that people familiar with the system within the company diverted customer's Bitcoin by the resalut of this investigation.

And Bitstamp that is the big exchange of Bitcoin has stopped their service.
Because there are signs that Bitstamp's Bitcoin wallet was hacked by access from the outside on January 4.
Fortunately, they has offline deposit that can cover Bitcoin that was hacked so this affair had few damage.

▲Mt.Gox that is the biggest exchange went bankrupt, but there are exchanges all over the world.

However this affair happened so we can't declared that it is all right at the moment.
When you has Bitcoin, you should be careful with these risks.

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What is bankrupted
Bankruptcy (bankruptcy) is "bankruptcy" to say commonly.
I am at a loss for management economically and say the state that business can no longer continue.