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■ Let's study Bitcoin's merit.

▼About merits.
Bitcoin's merit is we can use it all over the world and remittance procedure doesn't take long time if you use it in a foreign country because it doesn't through a bank.
In addition it dose not high cost of transfer fee and we can save money when we use overseas shopping and service.

Then our account isn't frozen by outsider for example the government and the bank, and there isn't a risk about withdrawals are not possible.

And being usable all over the world !
Value of Bitcoin is equal so unit of Bitcoin is common throughout the world.
Then we can dealing with foreign people freely without troublesome procedure.

Thus simplicity and convenience are popular, and it grew up to exceed the amount of circulation 1 billion dollars.
Especially, it is fact that there are countries that economy is unstable even a law currency isn't confided, and Bitcoin will be ideal existence for the people such a country.
Actually there is a story that one of three Kenyan has Bitcoin.

▲In the country that the domestic currency is unstable in, Bitcoin attracts interest because of reasons that more stability and more convenience.

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What is high cost
Get the permission to use patent, trademark, technique.
In this case I say that I get the administration permission from the country