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■ For the beginning, what is Bitcoin?

A lot of people probably has heard Bitcoin.
However it is fact that many people don't know about Bitcoin.
Then, For the beginning, what is "Bitcoin" ?

Bitcoin is one of the currencies that is circulating in the world contrived by Satoshi Nakamoto.
And that denomination is "BTC".
That developed in 2009, and that used all over the world now.

That called "Vircual currency" or "Digital currency" because that aren't published.
There are no enterprises and states that manage circulation of it.
What's more there is no a kind of central bank too.

Bitcoin (Virtual currency) is a currency that exist only on the Internet.

(Who issue Bitcoin?)

What is central bank
巧t is a bank making the core of the financial institution of the country.
In the case of Japan, I say "the Bank of Japan". (for short "Bank of Japan")
The thing which you publish paper money and control the traffic of the paper money and should right call bank "of" bank.
This is a digression, but it is "paper money" that the Bank of Japan publishes, and Japanese Government publishes "the coin".