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■ Why is the one-click fraud dangerous?

As one of the dangerous points of the one-click fraud, large amount of request is not done very much, about [this only 1 degree amount of money] it is a scary place that hark back with.

However, the fraud does not feel whether they should say to stop it only once.
By small quantity takes money under the pretext of something again once when they draw money.
The thing happens quite often to give big damage.

This is scared enough, too, but there is the true fear of the one-click fraud at another point.
Not only I am swindled out of money, but also the mail address will inform a counterpart that I give the bad point of this as information, too.

At this situation that may happen later, an unwanted mail is sent to your mail address in large quantities, and the demands of the remittance to last for several degrees have been sent.

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