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■ Let’s know the measures method to a one-click fraud

1 .Scarcely set foot in an adult site and the dating site
And when you have encountered a one-click charge fraud for some kind of causes, the case that IP address of the computer of this side and the individual ID number of the cell-phone have been displayed is high, but there is not that personal information leaks with these things at all.

An IP address and the individual ID number are one’s phone number and things totally irrelevant to an address, the mail address.
It is very dangerous act you think that personal information was known, and to send a mail. You had better ignore it.
This is smart.

2. Anyway, do not meddle with a URL to be included in an untrustworthy mail
When you send a mail, you must change the mail address immediately because there is no help for it, and let’s warn you so that further damage does not appear.
Of course the request of the money is disregard.

 (About the fraud similar to the one-click fraud)
 (Why one-click fraud will be managed?)

IPアドレス とは
A number to distinguish an individual allotted to all PCs.
It is easy to understand that I think with the number plate of the car.
It is sure that the owner of the PC is proved to check an IP address,
but it is impossible to distinguish an individual from an IP address
unless I commit a crime and can be over in the police because
it is only the police which required what I check in the provider
that it is made.