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■ About the fraud similar to the one-click fraud

According to the aforesaid, it often hides in an adult site and the dating site.

A mere unwanted mail became the cause of the fraud.

Besides, a new fraud called two-click fraud is now.
After having displayed a registration screen, as for this, it is a trick to let you fall more so that it is not noticed that it is fraud by displaying a confirmation screen once again.

And so, there is no-click fraud that shows completion screen of the contract as soon as they pushed it without stepping even on the screen of the procedure.

In addition, the existence of the one-click wear which is more brutal than this is confirmed.
This is that you cannot ignore using the computer virus.
It is most danger of the one-click fraud.

 (Why is the one-click fraud dangerous?)
 (Let’s know the measures method to a one-click fraud)

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