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■ Why is illegal download "illegal"?

But downloading (copying) music and videos without permitting the artist for we enjoy it are basically freedom.
For example, it is allowed that copy a music that include CD that you had rented on your computer.

Then, why is illegal download bad?

Usually music and videos (movies) are selling at stores as CD or DVD (this CD and DVD are called “chargeable written work”).
The artist who create CD or DVD is selling it and get money for income.
That income is used for create new works again and train immature artists, and that lead to create more wealth culture.

However, if it download that duplicate or deliver it without permitting the artist, in short pirated edition music and videos (movies), what happen?
Somethings that uploaded on the Internet is only download.
It is free.

Then artist can't get money completely, in short there isn't income.
So he can't create new works and train immature artists will become impossible.

As I have explained, illegal download has a bad influence on development of culture.

Probably you find the result we will can't enjoy new music and videos.
So it became a target of punishment that download pirated edition of chargeable written work that sell as CD or DVD on such as on your computer with you know about it is pirated edition.

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