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■ Criminal penalty for illegal download

Now , we are going to study about illegal download become a criminal penalty
Download of music and movies (videos) that was illegal downloaded become illegal, but there isn't criminal penalty at the time.
In other words it wasn't illegal yet.

And then, establish a criminal penalty for illegal download about chargeable written work by amendment to the Copyright Law enforcement in 2012.

Give a newly example concretely, there is a affair about administrator of the site was arrested.
This is he was arrested because he let to download music and others that JASRAC and others hold copyright to a large number of unspecified people.
To put it simply, because people who managed the site let to illegal download to a lot of people.
Incidentally, this administrator put advertisement for major companies, and he earned from these an ad rate.

And not only big site's administrator like he but also individual is arrested too.

 (What we mustn't download)
 ("Do you know criminal penalty for illegal download?")

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