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■ What is a safe password?

Of course if make a password strong, you can feel rather relieved.

It's the simplest thing, but it isn't proper for password that one's date of birth and vehicle's plate.
A letter string that has nothing to do is relatively safe, but it isn't the meaning of password if you forget it because too long.
And recycling one password is very unfavorable.
Because only a password was broken, and a password of another service is broken one after another.

▲If you use the same password, it can be said that one was known is other were known.

In the case of a malicious third password hacking software, a password using the English word may be broken easily by dictionary attack.

The conditions of typically safe password are as follows.
1. At least more than eight letters.
2. Mix capital and small.
3. The order of the number and letter that isn't next to each other.
4. Include a sign that is generally unused. (For example # $ % & @)
5. Don't used easy to be guessed such as a favorite word, name, and telephone number.
6. Don't used capital, small, and number in consecutive.

However if you are too much conscious of these, the password become more complex.
After all it is good way that relate with the things which you will not forget.

(Example : In the case of the name is Misako and her birthday is March 21.

   1. Divide “0321” that is the birthday.
   2. Use a capital letter “misako” that is the name.
   3. “s” replace “$”, and “a” replace “@”.
   4. It become as follows.

It is one of the example, and it got a perfect score on every password checker.

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What is dictionary attack
The technique of the passward crack inputting words appearing in a dectionary from one end.
Because I can let a computer carry out this activity, I can draw a working hour.
The reason why this method is established is that many people use an exsiting word for a passward.