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■ Is it all right that input personal information?

There are a lot of web services that can't use if not put personal information.
However we hasn't method to judge whether that service (site) is safe or not, right?

As a result, there is it. Have you seen a site that the URL of that page begins not “http://” but “https://”?
s” that is added is an initial of "Secure”, and it has “safe” meaning.
These sites are safe because there use the system called “SSL”.

SSL is a system that encode the data when exchanges the data on the Internet.
By do that, it prevent furtive glance the data on the occasion of exchanges by a third party.

Of course you should be careful when you put personal information at a site that SSL isn't given .

▲Let's look at URL of the site to confirm whether that is given “SSL” or not.

And it will be good to read “Security Policy” in a site.
It is specified there that about how use user's personal information and how protecting it.
If you worry, you should read it before you use a site.

 (Be careful of information to open the public!)
 (When you use the computer that isn't yours, what should you do?)

What is encode the data
Communication when I use the site.
The technique that it prevents being steeled a glance by convertering data according to a decided rule third person and from being tampered.