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■ Can we cancel the contract?

And Civil law enable us to cancel a contract in the case of certain cases.

First, in the case of contract by fraud or compulsion.
Civil law Article 95 Clause 1 saying we can cancel a contract by fraud or compulsion.
There are a lot of frauds on the Internet business and apply to first regulation.
A contract that was canceled become invalidity and seller must refund consumer.

Second, in the case of a contract was done by limit legal capacity people.
They are minority,adult ward, person under curatorship and person under assistance.
And they can cancel the act that they did for without obtaining the people's consent (when an agreement is necessary) that by in the case of minority is legal representative, adult ward is guardian, person under curatorship is curator and person under assistance is assistant by Civil law Article 9 and Article 12 Clause 3.
So seller must be age verification party whether minority or not when he buy and sell the goods business on the Internet.

And a minority may can't cancel the business when he feigned age by Civil law Article 20.

▲A minority may can't cancel the business when he did Internet shopping with feigned age.

 (When you have push a purchase button by your mistake?)
 (What become of you when your credit card is misused?) 

What is adult ward
A person by an obstacle in the mind without judgement.
A young man ward, a cover conservator, the implication
of the cover assistance person are the same,
but a name changes by the degree of the obstacle in the mind essentially.
A cover assistance person is the slight, and a young man ward is the severest.