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■ Internet shopping in our life.

With the rapid spread of Internet, and people that use Internet shopping is increasing suddenly.
Internet shopping is buying a goods on Internet.

Many goods is inserted on Internet, and we can buy goods just to choose a goods that we want and to purchase button.
For example, it is convenience that we can buy in the house and it is easy to find goods that difficult to find in shop.
From this, Internet shopping user is going to increase from now onward too.

▲Internet shopping can save time to go out.

However Internet shopping is convenience but some trouble is occurring because we can't look a goods directness and trade is not do occasion but do by mail order.
For example the goods that you bought is imposter and a goods has not been sent though you paid the charge.

Recently the Consumer Center of the whole country (like BBB (Better Business Bureau) in USA) is came consultation about Internet shopping.
The number of consultation about Internet shopping (include Internet auction) amount of 136219 case in 2009.

(What is the trouble about Internet shopping?)

What is Consumer Center
It is a consulted engine about the consumption of consumers
by a fair viewpoint.
I can do it in 1970 and receive the help from the country.