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■ What is the trouble about Internet shopping?

Below there are the things to give a recent example.

・I proposed the ticket of the concert on Internet discussion board but the ticket that I received was an imposter.
I was charged, so what should I do?

・The used brand watch broken down that win a bit is successful in Internet auction.
The site dealer doesn't help me and an exhibitor doesn't accept return of the goods.

There are a lot of trouble that fraud and something like fraud like these.

For a contracted to be formed that of a goods in Internet shopping is gesture of application and gesture of acceptance, and you needn't be execution of a contract.

So Internet shopping is application by advertisement on the screen, and when a purchaser clicked the indication of buying for a contracted to be formed.

▲In the Internet shopping, click a purchase button is gesture of“buy”.

But by the international business, a contract that used Internet is not always valid.
So we need to pay careful.

 (Internet shopping in our life.)
 (When you have push a purchase button by your mistake?) 

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