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■ Connect with a stranger is danger?

What is kind of risk is there when you connect with a stranger?

First it can thought , sure enough the risk about personal information.
For example if you said the name of your school , you give information that may specified you for the people not to know at all.
These personal information leaks is engendering the variety of risk.

Second it can thought when you connect with a people who you not to know and there isn't the point of connect , there is a risk about “meet for real”.

There is a situation about you make friends with a people very much who get acquainted with him in SNS.
Then you may think about want to meet him.
Here is the great risk.

The people who make friend with through the Internet.
It is very difficult to understand he is what kind of people at all only communication in SNS.

These example often gives when you warned about you shouldn't meet people that you meet him on the Internet.

“I am a man and I meet a girl in SNS. I continued communicating with her and we become friend , and on one occasion we talked about we are going to meet.
She has a feminine tongue and the photograph which a girl appeared in that she showed , so I was certain she is a girl.
However when I go to the wait plaice , there was only a man and I noticed that I was deceived and ...”

In case of you make a friend with stranger enough has that risk for a long time ago.

▲Affairs is often happens about when I went to meet , but there was a different people.

 (General method of registration of a friend for SNS.)
 (Is it all right even if you meat a people who got to know in SNS?

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