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■ About how to register for SNS and how to use it.

In order to participate in SNS , so you need to membership registration.
Right then, is it necessary to do what kind of thing in order to do that.

There are some system that you can't participate if a existing participant doesn't have invite you. , but basically everyone can register for SNS freely.

You need to send a variety of information in order to make the membership registration.
So first , you decide your user name and your password by yourself.
These information are necessary when you use (logged in) it.

Afterward in many SNS , you need to input personal information for example name, mail address, one's date of birth, sex and telephone number.

Mail address is used when you receive information by the service, and the others are used for identification if you forget your user name or your password.

And in the service that needs to register for telephone number, from that you can retrieve your friends.

▲There are the service that register for your friends from their telephone numbers , and you saved yourself.

 (First , what is “SNS”?)
 (What becomes after register for SNS?)

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