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■ Let's add to your friends!

After you finished setting up a profile, you can add to friend, and you can communicate with him and you can get the variety of information by using service in SNS.
Then, what is the main service that is offered by SNS?

First, there is the service for making friends with someone you don't know.
A kind of “addition of a friend” that of “Facebook” or “follow” that of “Twitter” is true in that.
The methods are different each SNS, but almost all SNS has such the service.
You know, because it is the purpose.

Though it is the service for the sake of become close with someone you don't know, of course not if you do that you could become close with.
A little different from by each service, but become communication easy when you do that.

If you try to communicate with someone without using SNS, probably it is difficult unless you know his mail address or his telephone number, but if you used SNS you can communicate with him easily.

▲If you used SNS, you can communicate with people not to know his telephone number and his mail address.

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