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■ The information that you send or someone send it to.

Thus far we learned about had better not send of understanding personal information, and of course you mustn't to send about the information that have to do with personal information of your friend.

For example if you put the photograph of face of your friend in SNS without permission, that photograph is shown all over the world and personal information of your friend may be specified.
Not only that but also there is the case that become an invasion of portrait right or privacy.
When you send information of a people other than oneself, you need to pay attention more than yours.

▲Do not upload your friend's pictures on the Internet without he or she's permission.

And in the case of the degree that isn't personal information leaks, you may not send anything by all means.
There is the case that the people who put a photograph that doing crime in SNS was arrested.
What's more you mustn't send a sentence of hurt or discriminate another.
Always you may keep it in mind to SNS becomes the media that everyone can use it comfortable.

And a false rumor is easy to spread in SNS.
Then a false rumor about individual or company is believed someone, besides if he tell it to another people, it help with diffusion of the further false rumor, so consequently that individual or company is received damage by that rumor.
It is very important that you don't believe the information keep it intact that you obtained in SNS.

 (Is it all right even if you meat a people who got to know in SNS?)
 (Summary of this theme.)

What is portrait right
The right that one's photograph is photographed without permission,
and is not shown without permission.
The infringement of the right of likeness is an offense subject
to prosecution only if the victim presses charges.

With "offense subject to prosecution only if the victim presses charges"……
It is a crime not to be established without the suit from a victim.