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■ Is it all right even if you meat a people who got to know in SNS?

Of the bare, do not show one's important personal information and abstain from contribution some pictures and comments that may link with it.
Such things are produced about the way that prevent personal information leak.

About the risk of may meet in real, it is one of the important method that strongly decide about “I never meet the people who meet on the Internet in real”.
And understanding about the risk is important too.
It may be one of the good way that not make a friend in SNS because perhaps want to meet him.
However even if you do that, of course there is the case of make a friend.
And rather that than there is the enjoyment of SNS.
Then, and if you truly want to meet the friend on the internet, what should you do ?

First, when there are your parents, you will need to thoroughly explain about it and obtain permission.
But if you couldn't obtain permission, you should stop meeting no matter how you want to meet.
In the case of obtain permission, you had better tell you parents about what you do and where you are.
At the worst, it become terrible if nobody know where you are.

▲Telling your parents is the best way, but in the case of you are adult you need to sensible judgment.

Anyway when you meet in real, you must understand there is the risk that may involved in a crime and you should act with that.

 (Connect with a stranger is danger?)
 (The information that you send or someone send it to.)

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