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■ Is it really the person who was registered with personal information?

Then in that case, what of countermeasure should you do?

The best method that can feel relived is confirming whether account that was hit, for example retrieve in front of the said person.
And there isn't the case to misunderstand that stranger's account surely.

However, of course there are the case of you can't do that or some application or soft make on-line searching.
In that cases, what should you do?

The answer is simple, so you may connect with the partner by the telephone number or the mail address that used retrieval.
And you will certainly can judge of whether the account of the said person or not.

The way of confirm that account by a mutual friend who use the same service is no problem.

▲If you feel anxiety, you may confirm about the friend is the said person by the some kind of way.

In case of you do friend registration by searching of telephone number or mail address, you can judge of the account is the prizes of people or not surely.

And the case of the account that was hit isn't the account of the said person obviously, immediately you stop friend registration and after you confirm it is right by the said person or a common friend, and if it isn't wrong, you register it.

So if you suspect it you tighten your guard against, and you may can reduce the probability to get involved in something of that.

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