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■ The various the way of usages for SNS.

There is the service that contribute like the diary is possible.
In there, you can contribute for what oneself did or thought without constraint on the day.
A kind of “Time line contribute” of “LINE”correspond to that.

There is the case of only show friend already registered, but if you use SNS you can send your thought or things that you saw all over the world.

▲By using SNS, you can send information easily all over the world.

And SNS that was comprised of such service is used by the variety of purpose.
Probably there is people who is going to make friends on the Internet, and there is people who is aimed at exchanging information too.
An there is a people who use for advertisement of his work for example illustrations, novels and animations.

So SNS is no longer only “the service for connect with people on the Internet” now.

 (Let's add to your friends!)
 (What happen when you retrieve your friend by personal information?)

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