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■ What is the fascinate of the social game?

Let's study about many fascinate of social game in detail.

As an example of fascinate of social game, you can play that game by like your smartphone at slight time.

Conventional in game was mainstream that play to be determined to accomplish one's purpose.
However a social game that play with a smart phone is you can play it anywhere.
For example when you arrived the rendezvous with your friend earlier than your plan and you haven't anything doing, you can spend time by a social game in time of such a gap.

In addition to simply, it is one of the fascination that social games has many variety.

And a lot of social games is offered for free.
You can search for the other game again if the game that you playing now isn't interesting.
Because you needn't pay wasted expense, it is pleased for children who haven't much money.

For these reasons, recently social game is very popular.

You can play a social game even have a smartphone.
Consequently people who didn't play a game until now begin to play a social game.

It isn't rare situation that see a people who is close to our parents in age playing a social game.

 (First, what is the "social game" ?)
 (About development of the social game.)

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