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■ About development of the social game.

Till now, most of social games was developed and offered by a company of social networking service.
But recently major game maker entry to business world of social games.

And users who got used to playing some existing social games is increasing surely, so intensifying development competition and it is considered that higher quality game will offered.

And at the first place, why is social games offered for free?
It cost for development and administration.

That is because of these reasons.
In the case of a conventional game, you buy some items by the currency that you get in the game.
However in the case of a social game, it take in the system that when you buy some items you exchange real money to the currency in the game and buy it. (=charging system)

So social games consist of this.

 (What is the fascinate of the social game?)
 (You may spend much money before you knew it.)

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