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■ You may spend much money before you knew it.

Until now we studied about system and merits of social games , and let's study demerits of social games from here.

“We need to be careful about extreme charging” is one of the demerit.
Many social games take in charging system.
Charge itself isn't a problem.

However there are some people that repeat charging because they crazy about the game.
There are few sums to charge once but before he knew it, he may spend large sums while he repeat charging.

And people who charge to the game that isn't popular or that's boom went away is going to decrease, and it will be difficult to manage that game.
As a result, that service of service (offering) may expire.
Let's imagine.
You are going to play the game that you play till now is becoming impossible.
You will lose a rare character that you tried your best and got or the position that you reached completely.
Because money that you charged doesn't return, so it may be a great loss.

You do not become to like that, you should be careful when you usually play a social game.

 (About development of the social game.)
 (Be careful about the excess of playing!)

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