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■ First, what is the "social game" ?

What is the “social game”?
Social games are the game that such a social network service offer us.

Nowadays the definition has become obscurity because some games that doesn't through SNS is called social game.

Social game has been developed since it born in 2007 suddenly, and popularization of smartphone is attributable to the great back ground.
Because you can play a social game to use your smartphone as a game player.

On the other hand, it was chance to social game become popular that you can communicate with other people and you can play it for free.

And it is cause of popularity that there are many games of various genres by the game developer entry.

In addition to many social game complete in a short time, and you can play it at slight time.
It is “the game possible to play without circumstance” is one of the reason it become popular.

(What is the fascinate of the social game?)

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