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■ Is the Spoofing a crime?

There are many kind of Spoofing ; there are something of the male spoofs the female, an adult spoofs child, to talk about other's name and the name, the age, sex and the occupation etc. are pretended and a malicious writing in the bulletin board, the chat, and SNS, etc. is done, the other party is made relieved and something is found out by questioning, actually taking out and rolling it in the crime.

Actually, there is no illegality in "Spoofing".
However, something is done from "Spoofing".
If an improper remark is done by the SNS account registered by friend's name, it becomes "defamation of character", and if "Please lend money" etc. are demanded from other friends by the account, it becomes a swindle.
The identity theft in "LINE" that gets into the news recently might be included in the crime of this type.

Moreover, there might be a person who is disguising it as his acquaintance in SNS and E-mail, etc.
It is necessary to note it because it is likely to be rolled in the crime etc. when exchanging it in all innocence.

▲It is necessary to note SNS etc. besides the identity theft by mail happens frequently, too because it is seen a lot.

 (First, what is "Spoofing"?)
 (How is about the activity that uses others ID?)

What is defamation of character
Hurt homor of another person.
When there will not be the bad-mouth to be a fact,
I fulfill this.