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■ How is about the activity that uses others ID?

There is a type to shop, and to steal the sensitive information to be able to see only the person who holds a stake by using stolen ID and password, too.

The person's SNS and mail account, etc. are used by others' ID and passwords on the net, and the deception indicates the person's name to begin with and indicates obtaining the account and the activity.
Of course, it is a crime to use someone's ID and password excluding me on the net. It is a crime (violation of Unauthorized Computer Access Law) at that time when it accesses information to be able to see only the person by using others' ID and passwords.

However, there is a cause in loose of our own password management in the background over which the identity theft of such a type prevails.
All keys open only by one's this being stolen similarly to making all double locks of home the same key though ID and the password tend to use the same one to seem to forget when is many, and to register where.

Moreover, if everyone does not do the locking setting at the same time as becoming "State of the screen saver" displayed when "Start" of the personal computer and not using it for a long time, can it use, it steal a glance at data in that, and everyone destroy it freely.
It is necessary to set it like this.

▲The setting that locks a personal computer and a smart phone is very important from the view point of protection of individual information.

It is important to use ID and the password properly in preparation for the emergency after the person who needs it respectively manages firmly by each one respectively, and the people other than the manager are made not to be able to use it. Common ID and password in the post used in the office are said, "It is convenient because it does not forget if it is this", and for instance, the people in the same office occur and "When the password was input, put it in the shopping site" occurs when the password is registered for shopping for the shopping site.

Anyway, devising it, that is, "It is never used", "It is never stolen", and "It is never destroyed" are important.

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What is ID
String, number for identifying an individual in their services.
If you are considered as being replaced by the reality,
ID is the name of your own password only you and your partner It can be said that you never know.
Example: I'll always "Taro Yamada" (ID).
On the evidence I know "that the test of your math was 30 points" (password).