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■ What is "Phishing"?

There is a type like "Phishing" of calling in to the imitation site with mail that introduces oneself the company and the consumer credit industry, etc. that register the member, and inputting credit card information, too.
It is a complete identity theft that it is not only a name of the company and pretends everything to the mail address and the homepage.

It starts because mail is sent whom this type is who disguised it as the bank etc. first of all.
This E-mail is called fishing mail.
Whether it is a real thing or an imitation is not understood only from the of course catch a glimpse of.
Because it models it on the real thing.
The link is set up in mail, and the input of ID and the password is requested on a flying previous page.
The page of this linked Websites is considerably modeled on the real thing and it is made.
When the password is input there, the password will be known to the criminal of the Spoofing.

▲It is likely to lead from URL appended to doubtful mail also to the one-click fraud besides the Spoofing.

There is a possibility of disguising it by me, too, when the password is known, I use the password, and it spends.
My friend, family, lover, co-worker, and business contacts, etc. might be made the following target, and then, my confidence might be likely to be ruined remarkably in the worst case, and to lose the life.

Note suspicious mail instinctively also in the police and the bank, not saying that "It is unrelated to me" though it calls for attention.

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