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■ Various cyber terrorism

DoS attack (denial-of-service) is famous.
It writes big load as a server by the access with the transmission of a large quantity
of the data and a large number of computers and is an attack to give system damage.

In addition, common classes include the Web site manipulation, too.
It is that the manager of the site overwrites by backup in a page, but, for measures,
cannot solve a problem from the reader side.

 (How do you take measures against cyber terrorism?)
 (Why cyber terrorism will be managed?)

What is server
I mominate a Web server for an example here and explain it.
You should arrest him when you can have would access anytime from anywhere.
I come to be able to access a Web server from PCs of the worldon the homepage that oneself made by uploading it.
It is the thing that this page that you see now is uploaded to a server.